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Best of healthy eating apps

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MAY 27, 2015

It can be hard to eat healthy when you’re away from mom’s cooking and have a busy schedule. That’s why we tested out many healthy eating apps and created pros and cons lists for different apps that will fit into whatever food lifestyle you have or want to achieve. Whether you love to eat out a lot or always cook at home, here are some apps tailored to make it easier for you to maintain healthy eating habits:

Best for Weight Loss: MyFitnessPal

myfitnesspal 3

Although eating healthy isn’t just about the number of calories you intake, this app helps you to being more conscious of the food you are eating. You simply enter in all the food you eat and it provides you a calorie counter, nutrition facts and has the option to add custom recipes. It creates a weight loss goal for you and tracks your progress. Whether or not you want to lose weight, this is great if you remember to check in.


-Contains nutritional information of 3 million foods

-Easy to use on iPhone, iPad, Android and website

-Has a community aspect


-Requires constant updates to be effective

-Many options can make it hard to navigate initially




Best for home cooking: Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

all recipes 2

If you want to start cooking healthy recipes but don’t know where to start, this app is a great place to look. With top rated recipes, this is a great stream-lined app which has some bonus features, such as letting you save recipes and create a shopping list based on ingredients.


-“Dinner Spinner”: a fun way to decide what to cook

-Customizable search for dietary needs, ingredients and preparation time


-Must purchase certain recipes

-Ads clearly visible






Best for the indecisive or creative cook: Handpick Food by Ingredients
handpick 1

Are you an indecisive eater or inspired to try dishes based on a particular ingredient? Do you like to eat trendy meals and try out dishes you’ve seen on Pinterest or Instagram? You might want to try the Handpick app. This is probably the most social app we’ve featured, as it lets you search Pinterest, blogs and share your activity across social media platforms. Additionally, you can follow interesting topics, like “Ways to Put that Avocado to Use” and “Cups that Will Keep You Up at Night.”


-Elegant design and picture layout

-Easy to navigate and search to quickly find what you like


-Food database not large enough to rely on for a wide selection of recipes





Best for eating out: HealthyOut
healthy out 2

If you are constantly on the go or just hate cooking, it can be hard to keep track of your meals’ nutritional value. HealthyOut gives you a heads-up on the healthy options at the restaurants in your area, including both major restaurant chains and fast food locations by providing the nutritional information.


-The ‘Crave List,’ where you can save your favorite foods

-Extensive and easy to use filter option for dietary restrictions and special diets

-Links to Yelp for more reviews and store info


-Lacking a large number of restaurants

-Missing a few menu items at certain locations




Best for vegans and vegetarians: 21-Day Vegan Kickstart

photo 3

If you want to give veganism a try, make the switch permanently or continue your vegan lifestyle — this app does all the work for you. Everyday it provides a list of recipes for all your daily meals. You don’t have to search or find special ingredients, just log on to the app and follow the recipes.


-Easy to follow

-Good for beginners


-Doesn’t have a variety of recipes to choose from

-Meal plan not customizable






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MAY 26, 2015

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