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First band with a Yelp account?!

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MAY 06, 2015

Have you ever wondered what your favorite band tastes like?

Well, now you can find out — kind of.

The self-proclaimed “Illinois Sad Boys” of band Real Friends have dubbed themselves “the only band ever with a Yelp account,” creating a Yelp profile for the band earlier this week.

They are currently filed under “Businesses / Arts & Entertainment / Performing Arts,” with the business name “Real Friends, LLC,” located at 15900 Harlem Ave., Tinley Park, Illinois.

The band claims to be open 24/7 (because music never sleeps, right?) and “Good for Kids.”

Although the band hasn’t made any plans to start serving food, fans and trolls alike have begun to leave reviews on the popular restaurant-hunting website, raving about and reviewing the band’s nonexistent wares.

One reviewer, Dean K., claims that Real Friends, LLC has the “worse fucking tacos ever,” while another reliable reviewer, Wakaflocka F., praises the band’s world-famous “xxyoloswagxx.”

Nevertheless, Real Friends’ attempt to “change the social media scene” by introducing musicians to Yelp is off to a slow start but has potential to take off once other bands hop on the bandwagon (pun totally intended).

Personally, we’d like to see Imagine Dragons open a sushi bar (possible menu item: dragon roll) and a joint sandwich-shop venture between the Wonder Years and Knuckle Puck (daily special: knuckle sandwich on Wonder Bread, of course).

What bands and musical artists would you like to see open a Yelp account? What would Real Friends Tacos taste like? Would they be salted with the slow-rolling tears of young, Midwestern, emo fans?

Let us know your thoughts!

Rosemarie is the assistant arts & entertainment editor. Contact her at [email protected].

MAY 08, 2015