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50 things more important than your grades this semester

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APRIL 30, 2015

Believe it or not, finals are around the corner. Don’t worry, though: There are plenty of things that are more important than your finals. We at the Clog recommend looking at this list when you feel like an A on your final is the determining factor between overall success or failure — however you define them, of course. Here is our list of 50 things more important than your grades this semester, in no particular order.

1. Global warming

2. Your happiness

3. Family

4. Friends

5. Housing for fall 2015

6. The sun

7. Public transportation

8. Cars

9. Human life

10. The view from the Campanile

11. Authentic Mexican food

12. European art

13. The fact that Frank Underwood is not the president of the United States

14. Human rights

15. Literature (Western and non-Western)

16. Stress relievers: exercise, creative writing, etc.

17. Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address

18. UC President Janet Napolitano (whether you like her or not)

19. Journalism

20. Your health

21. Specifically, your mental health

22. Technology, and not just Apple products

23. Naps on the beach

24. Your dreams

25. Poverty

26. Starving children in the United States and abroad

27. The Seven Wonders of the World

28. Artistic materials: paint, paint brush, ink, clay, etc.

29. Natural beauty

30. Finding the cure for Ebola

31. Vaccinations

32. Curing the common cold

33. Food

34. The ability to wake up every morning and get out of bed

35. Science

36. Religion

37. Your integrity

38. Your individuality

39. The power of laughter

40. Teamwork

41. Libraries

42. Smiling and positivity

43. Chancellor Nicholas Dirks (whether you like him or not)

44. Recycling

45. Trees or anything that regularly undergoes photosynthesis

46. Clean air

47. Electricity

48. Access to clean water

49. Love

50. Learning

Anything to add? Please comment and contribute below.

Contact Daniella Wenger at [email protected].

APRIL 29, 2015