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Libraries on campus you didn't know about

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APRIL 22, 2015

As finals roll around for the spring semester, you might be realizing that your half-assed readings and essays done in your dorm room as your roommates were blasting LMFAO and you were watching Netflix on half of your laptop screen were not the best. This is a good time to figure out where you can get real studying done. You might be thinking Doe Library and Main Stacks are your places to be, but nay! There are so many small libraries on campus that you might not have heard of — the best things you never knew you needed. While Moffitt is of course a great place to get focused, here are some other libraries that might just be the perfect environment for your studying.

Business Library

Desiree Diaz/Staff
Desiree Diaz/Staff

The Haas School of Business is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus, and so is its library. With two levels, a lot of private study rooms and fancy roll-y chairs, the Thomas J. Long Business Library is close to most of the units and is a nice, quiet place to get work done.

Philosophy Library

Desiree Diaz/Staff
Desiree Diaz/Staff

Hidden away in Moses Hall on the third floor is the small and isolated Howison Philosophy Library. With a high ceiling, hanging lights and a fireplace, this library is the closest we’ll get to the Hogwarts library at UC Berkeley and we recommend taking advantage of that fact as soon as you can.

Music Library

Desiree Diaz/Staff
Desiree Diaz/Staff

The Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library offers a gorgeous reading room in addition to several well-lit seating areas on the second floor. Right across from Ramona’s, this is the perfect place to spend a whole day, complete with easy access to food and quality lighting.

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library

Desiree Diaz/Staff
Desiree Diaz/Staff

Located in Hildebrand Hall, the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library is the perfect place to retreat on your own with nothing but a laptop and some notes. Many tables are offered, including seating overlooking the rest of the library. Talk about immersing yourself in the study zone!

Law Library

Desiree Diaz/Staff
Desiree Diaz/Staff

Open to undergraduates on weekdays, the Law Library at the UC Berkeley School of Law is literally encased in glass (by glass walls) on the third level of the hall. With wide tables and just about any book you could possibly want to read on legal cases, this library will make you feel more professional and spiffy than ever.

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APRIL 21, 2015