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Mistakes you are bound to make at UC Berkeley

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APRIL 14, 2015

As poorly put together as your life may be, some situations make your life seem like an even hotter mess. Here are some mistakes that you have probably made as a student here, and if you haven’t, hopefully this list will help you avoid them.

Accidentally walking away with towels at the RSF

It is only halfway back to su casa that you realize that your hand is carrying an extra weight that shouldn’t be there. You immediately feel bad for having taken the sweat-drenched towel with you and begin to wonder if you should walk back to confront your theft. But those few extra ounces of guilt unfortunately aren’t quite enough to get you to walk all the way back. The gym will just have to get over the fact that it’ll live with one less towel until the next time you hit up the RSF, which is not for a while.

“Studying” with friends

Whether it’s in the floor lounge or during a study session at the SLC with your classmates, you always make the mistake of inviting the way too interesting and talkative friend along. Instead, your intended review session turns into a discussion about your latest sexual exploits, and your productivity remains at an all-time low.

Not blocking your RA on your Snapchat stories

Apples to Apples is nothing without a bottle of vodka and a story on Snapchat so your friends know it’s happening. You thought that there was no problem because the people on Snapchat are all your close, personal friends, only to be confronted by your RA five minutes later. Being the friend that got everyone written up is one piece of baggage you do not intend to carry.


As cute as that spring admit on your floor is, the awkward “what’s going on with you two” looks are worth staying abstinent over. Or instead, go for the athlete just a couple flights above. You will still have the same easy access, only without the gawky bathroom hellos.

Turning in shitty resumes

When you haven’t been religiously working on your resume throughout the year, and find out that the deadline for a job that you want is in two hours, you are forced to turn in your application, perfected or not. Whether you put your Security Monitor experience as “made sure all the tenants in Unit 3 swipe their ID cards so no one sketchy gets in” instead of “acted as a medium between tenants and staff to ensure student safety” is irrelevant around the five-minute mark.

Getting involved just to be involved

Calapalooza always has us feel obligated to increase our extracurricular involvement. In an attempt to try and keep up with the Joneses of job applications, we end up joining too many clubs. As a result, your grade progression ends up looking like the “downward trend graph” emoji, and you will eliminate the majority of the clubs to which you contributed an hour or so.

Taking the “free stuff” from the people on Sproul

“There is no such thing as a free meal” remains partially true on Sproul. As soon as you allow the Sproulers to lure you in, you have to suffer the consequences. When you inevitably expose your email, you will receive spam emails that are more annoying than the residence hall surveys.

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APRIL 13, 2015