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How to survive until summer

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APRIL 07, 2015

It feels as though we all have an ongoing love affair with Fridays, with weekends, spring breaks and summer breaks. Why not seize the day and stop longing for days of the future — days that will pass us by quickly in time anyway! Is our constant state of longing and unhappiness toxic? Or is it an innocent sense of desire for a time and place of carefree relaxation filled with our loved ones?

Perhaps it is not realistic in our world to be happy and content in every moment, but we must live in the moment and seize each day! Assuring future happiness by present dedication is critical. We must make the most of each day with a positive attitude. Here are some tips from the Clog on how to keep sane and be productive until summer vacation:

1. Let the thought of all the lollygagging you are going to do over summer vacation fuel you now to work hard and bring in those A’s (or B’s or C’s). Picture yourself on the beach with a smoothie in hand, carefree and relaxed. Now let that motivate you to finish your homework because that will get you one step closer to the end of the semester.

2. Get organized! Do some spring cleaning to declutter your closet and your life. It will help you remain calm and collected in the space of your home. Consider donating unwanted items to charity.

3. Try some new recipes. Browse the web for some deliciously appetizing food blogs filled with endless recipes for every diet. Pick something that looks fun and within (or outside) your capabilities. Add the ingredients to your grocery list and get cooking! Enjoy your creation with your friends!

4. A healthy mind and body are essential. Get out of your funk with some new exercise routines. Try yoga, Pilates, cycling or anything new! Explore your options and get outside of your comfort zone. You might just find your new hobby.

Spring is here and we must enjoy each day! Relax, get organized, cook, eat, exercise, swim, laugh, live. Stop longing for Fridays, for weekends and for summer. They will arrive sooner than you think. Seize each day!


Image Source: Sorin Mutu under Creative Commons

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APRIL 06, 2015