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Lotus Creates a Rhythmic World at Regency Ballroom

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FEBRUARY 26, 2015

It would be hard to find someone who harmonizes as chaotically as Lotus does.  On a pulsating February night at the Regency Ballroom, the electronic jam band created more than an ambience of energy — Lotus conceived a world, although polluted with cigarette smoke and smells of incense, where colorful light beams and dropping bass lines were king.

Indie pop-rock band Pan Astral served as the opening act for the show, warming up the audience as they performed some of their songs, such as “Mile High City” and “Animal.” Vocalist Gabriel Otto’s Chris Martin-like voice added depth and solemnity to the guitar riffs and subtle electronic drops, though the audience was clearly waiting for the main event.

After a few minutes of stillness, each member of Lotus walked to their respective instruments as if they hopped on board the spaceship, ready to take the whole place and blast off to a sensational joyride of pounding rhythm. They performed instrumental tracks, letting the synergy of the sound of their guitars and drums speak for themselves.

The band’s astonishing application of bright lights heightens the experience and enlivens the audience. There were four huge strobe lights and a cluster of spotlights that forcefully beamed right into the eyes of the audience, emitting vibrant colors that corresponded to the music’s mood and tone, which ranged from tranquil to tempestuous.

Lotus started off with a set that really got the audience flailing their arms with unrestrained motion and popping their heads left and right. Accelerated beats drove the audience through a continuous joyride. The performance gradually built up from trickling tunes to exploding barrages of beats, but the transitions were so smooth that they were difficult to follow and distinguish from one another.

The second set began with a soft, calming ambience. This time, the lights turned a nice magenta, establishing a romantic and comfortable mood. But that didn’t last for long. As soon as the audience got pacified, the band dropped the beats that roused the audience back to fist-pumping and going berserk again.


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FEBRUARY 26, 2015