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UC Berkeley senior Barry Moores dies at age 21

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JANUARY 15, 2015

UC Berkeley senior Barry Alexander Moores, remembered for his compassion, exuberance and adventurousness, died Christmas Day at the age of 21.

He had sustained critical injuries from a car accident in Rancho Santa Fe, California, according to U-T San Diego. Moores was studying business administration in the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and was a member of the Kappa Alpha fraternity.

“He was constantly learning, researching and exploring the world,” said Jimmy Connolly, who became close friends with Moores after pledging KA and enrolling in Haas with him. “You learned a lot being his friend. He was exciting to be around.”

UC Berkeley senior Samuel Wallen, Moores’ roommate and close friend, said Moores did everything with “110-percent effort” and was engaged in every moment of his life.

He recalled that Moores had once spontaneously purchased a turntable and proceeded to learn how to disc jockey. Moores, he said, was always willing to try new things.

“He couldn’t sit still — he’d be like, ‘Let’s go hang out at Indian Rock’ at night,” Wallen said. “He was the most responsible person I know at Cal. But at the same time, he was the most adventurous person at Cal.”

Wallen also said that Moores loved puns and that “The Bling Ring” was one of his favorite movies.

UC Berkeley senior Chris Dunn, who met Moores during their freshman year and pledged Kappa Alpha with him in the spring, described Moores as friendly, outgoing and adventurous, with a lot of ideas.

“He enjoyed sharing loud stories with us and always chimed in with something funny or insightful to say, but it was never overwhelming,” Dunn said.

Connolly said that Moores’ dedication to excellence was motivating and remembered that Moores often became absorbed in learning about specific subjects.

“He could tell you more about a specific car model than I could tell you about my major,” Connolly said.

Moores also enjoyed working out in his spare time. Wallen noted that Moores was always in shape. Every day when he came back from the gym, Moores would cook himself the same meal: “ground turkey with a bunch of eggs and lots of spinach on it,” Wallen said.

“He looks kind of intimidating, and he has a serious face,” Wallen said. “But you start talking to him, and he’d just make you feel comfortable.”

Michelle Robertson, a UC Berkeley junior and former columnist for The Daily Californian, said Moores was the kind of person who was good friends with everyone.

Robertson met Moores at a party. The second time they met, she recalled, he gave her a big hug and remembered her name.

Dunn remembered a spring break trip he took to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with Moores and two others, during which they enjoyed a night of laughter and woke up to a breakfast Moores made. Dunn also climbed Half Dome in Yosemite National Park with Moores and others over the summer.

Moores had planned to work in real estate finance and live with Dunn and two other friends the following year, according to Wallen.

“He inspired everyone around him, even if he didn’t mean to,” Wallen said.

Moores’ friends have planned to hold a celebration of his life at the Kappa Alpha Order on Feb. 8.

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JANUARY 16, 2015