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Mad libs: pick the study spot right for you

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DECEMBER 08, 2014

  1. verb
  2. something precious
  3. a verb (present participle)
  4. place
  5. random adjective
  6. your favorite childhood song
  7. scary adjective
  8. a place you could take as shelter
  9. verb of a morning activity
  10. your least favorite humanities/breadth class
  11. best synonym for sad that you can muster

Three papers, two tests and one midterm: They are your professor’s way of showing how much they (1)____ you and care about your success. But in order to do well, we all know you have to sacrifice much more than your (2)______. It is time to buckle down and get to (3)____. But where?

If you are a sedentary soul who enjoys having all your necessities conveniently around your bed, try staying at home or in your dorm. If you can afford to concentrate in the (4)____ you call home, then by all means, put pen to paper and get to grinding. If your (5)_____, crazy roommates’ voices make you cringe, try using headphones and listening to (6)_____.  It is the most convenient way to pass your finals and avoid the Moffitt zombies.

If you are a follower who needs other people to motivate you but are intimidated by the (7)____ libraries, be prepared to spend unwarranted amounts of money at cafes, because that is most likely where you will be studying. Cafes force you to sit in one place — and hopefully work — for a block of time. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it might be noisy. But are your alternatives really any better?

If you still think the options mentioned above are going to get in the way of your 50 million-square-foot (8)_____, maybe you should opt for the buildings of doom known as libraries. You’ll be surrounded by other go-getters who have panic attacks every five seconds about their “crumbling” lives, but at least you can all worry together. The libraries are open 24 hours per day, seven days per week, so you could live there and never see the light of day. Enjoy those hard-earned As — not a lot of UC Berkeley students get them.

If you are a true Berkeley spirit who enjoys waking up at the crack of dawn just to (9)_____ and watch the squirrels play, maybe being confined by walls isn’t the way for you. Enjoy the nature you feel so close to by studying on any glade — Memorial Glade, the grass by Valley Life Sciences Building or 4.0 Hill — try rolling down a few times for good measure). You can even try venturing out to the Berkeley Marina and attempting to comprehend the 500-page (10)____ reader while admiring the bay. If you don’t need an outlet, if the unpredictable Berkeley weather permits and if you can manage to get all your work done by 4:50 p.m., when the sun sets, then by all means, breathe the amazingly polluted Berkeley air and let us live vicariously through you.

Studying is rarely fun, regardless of the location you pick, so pick one that makes you the happiest. Maybe this way, you won’t be (11)_____ going into the final.

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DECEMBER 08, 2014

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