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Campus ghost stories to spook up your Halloween

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OCTOBER 29, 2014

When a school has been around as long as UC Berkeley has, there are bound to be rumors and urban legends surrounding certain locations on campus. Now that Halloween is upon us, it seems only right for the Daily Clog to unearth some of the creepiest stories that have supposedly taken place right here at UC Berkeley.

1. Sather Tower suicide

Andrew Kuo/File
Andrew Kuo/File

The Campanile is arguably one of the most famous buildings on campus, so it is not surprising that alleged paranormal activity has occurred there. In 1961, a sophomore named John Patterson jumped to his death from the top of the tower. Since then, some have claimed to see his ghost in places around the tower. In the late 1960s, a photographer showed a picture he had taken with a ghostly hand on the lawn surrounding the tower.

2. Hearst’s underground gravesite

Joe Wright/File

Hearst Gym houses the remains of about 12,000 Native Americans from years past. They were dug up in the 1960s then stored there soon after. As a result, it is not surprising that multiple workers have reported strange sightings late at night of those whose remains still lie under Hearst North Pool. Regardless of the reality of the sightings, many have described the location as incredibly eerie late at night due to their knowledge of what lies beneath the surface.

3. The ghost of room 219

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.53.16 PM

Room 219 in the Faculty Club on campus is said to be haunted by a former professor who resided there, Henry Morse Stephens. As the legend goes, Stephens died at age 60, and his spirit returned to the room to remain there for all eternity. Years ago, a visiting professor from Japan reported having a physical encounter with the ghost while staying in his room. Even now, staff members claim to hear objects being moved around in the room and see lights flickering on and off for no apparent reason.

4. The dark side of Evans Hall

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.51.17 PM

Evans Hall, known to be one of the ugliest buildings on campus, has been the location of multiple suicides throughout the years. In 1962, a graduate jumped from the conference room on the ninth floor. In 1983, a student suffocated himself with a plastic bag on the same floor. In 1984, a junior jumped off the northwest corner of the 10th floor. As a result, many have come to assume that the building is haunted by the ghosts of those whose lifeless bodies were found in the building.

5. The voice of Pedro’s lover

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.57.42 PM

Throughout the years, many have claimed to hear the name “Pedro” being yelled late at night on campus. According to many, the story behind the cries is that of the ghost of a woman — the daughter of Don Jose Domingo Peralta — looking for her long-lost lover, Pedro. They were separated in life and never reunited, so now, her ghost roams the campus, still in search of the love she lost and never regained.

Image Sources: dotpolka, Matthew DavisJesse Peterson, Patrick, under Creative Commons

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OCTOBER 29, 2014