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Halloweentown: shopping for a costume last minute around Berkeley

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OCTOBER 29, 2014

‘Tis the night before Halloween, and all around your house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.

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How did Halloweekend creep up on you so fast this semester?  Whether you’re throwing a party or going to one, if you’re like us at the Daily Clog, you are not prepared. Maybe you got caught in the midst of midterm season, maybe, or maybe you just plum forgot. Maybe you remembered, but your roommate already told you of his plans to wear the outfit you were secretly planning to borrow. But never fear. You just happen to be a little late to the Halloween game, but we at the Clog have some options for you to help you make a comeback. We present you with a list of places to get your last-minute Halloween fix.

1. If you’re looking for a costume…

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Party Heaven 2570 Bancroft Way

This is the classic. You pass it every day on your way to class and on your way from class, and in between your classes. Unfortunately, so does everyone else. We heard that they’re out of a lot of costumes, but it never hurts to check, especially with their expanded Halloween hours.

Berkeley Hat Company 2510 Telegraph Avenue

Surprise! The Berkeley Hat Company doesn’t just have hats; they have almost every type of headgear known to humanity. They also have accessories and a few costumes, as well, so be sure to head over there. They also have bags for you to take trick-or-treating.

Mars Vintage 2398 Telegraph Avenue

If you’re in the market for a great vintage costume or are looking for bustiers or lederhosen to wear regularly, we recommend Mars Vintage. There are also many pieces for inspiration for original costumes if you like dad shirts or mom jeans.

2. If you’re looking for decorations…


Spirit Halloween Store 5699 Bay Street, Emeryville

Although it’s a further trek (or bus ride), this is the Halloween superstore you’ve been looking for. To pick up everything you could possibly need for your Halloween night, take the F bus to Emeryville and find your cobwebs, skeletons, makeup, costumes … everything.

Safeway 1444 Shattuck Avenue and Trader Joe’s 1885 University Avenue or 5727 College Avenue

As well as the pumpkin-themed groceries that you can pick up, there are also literal pumpkins at these stores that you can buy to get as festive as you please.

Walgreens 2310 Telegraph Avenue and CVS 2300 Shattuck Avenue

The convenient but pricey options are always there as well. If you want to pick up some Halloween candy, banners, snacks, hair dye, shampoo or a toothbrush, you should probably swing by.

3. If you’re looking for some candy — besides the aforementioned drugstores and supermarkets…


Powell’s Sweet Shoppe 3206 College Avenue

The overwhelming variety of candy in Powell’s Sweet Shoppe is enough to satisfy the sweet tooth of almost any college student, even if he or she is sober. Wtih a great Halloween selection, you can do no wrong.

4. If you’re looking for the Halloween experience…


Bay Street Pumpkin Patch 5600 Christie Avenue, Emeryville

From 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. through Thursday, visit this local pumpkin patch with a petting zoo and a bouncy castle for some good ol’ fashioned family fun. Hop on the bus with some friends and go to pick the perfect pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Berkeley Thrills and Chills Haunted House, 1730 Oregon Street

On Friday from 6-9:30 p.m., if you want some free Halloween-themed activities, carnival games and snacks, wander down to Oregon Street to see a local haunted house.

Image Sources: Jonas Seamanheey, sarahPINKÉRoadsidepicturesamanda tipton, and St0rmz under Creative Commons

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OCTOBER 29, 2014