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7 lazy-day style staples

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OCTOBER 23, 2014

The further along you get in your college career, the less you’re going to care about your style choices. Let’s be real: It’s a lot easier to throw on some sweats and leave five minutes before class than it is to wake up an hour early, shower and prepare yourself for the day — who even showers anymore? Most of us probably don’t even eat breakfast, much less have the time to care about how we look — especially for those 8 a.m. class folk. We feel your pain. But we live in Berkeley, a city known for its passionate protests and vibrant people. Vibrant people have style, and therefore, so should we. Style is easier than you think, though.

People always say that at UC Berkeley, you have to choose one out of the three S’s: social life, sleep or studying. We at the Clog have made the executive decision to add one more S: shower. And luckily for you, you don’t have to replace your other three S’s with this last one. Here are seven easy style choices to throw on in 5 minutes that don’t require the shower and still make you look like a truly vibrant Berkeley resident.

1. Tribal pants and crop tops 


These pants basically feel like sweats but look like style. Pair them with a comfy crop top and you’re good to go! You could even sleep in this outfit the night before and literally roll out of bed and continuously roll all the way into class.

2. Red lipstick


Bright red lips will distract people from your baggy eyes or ragged hair. Plus, you automatically win brownie points for fashion if you’re bold enough to brighten your look with lipstick. If you get lipstick on your teeth, consider that a bonus! People will be so distracted that they won’t even notice your disheveled outfit.

3. Beanies and flannels


This is a classic look and a great one for cold weather now that we are finally starting to get it. It takes little to no effort as well – you don’t even have to brush your hair if it’s covered with a beanie. And consider flannel shirts as pajama pants for your upper body.

4. Headbands


Knitted, jersey, braided, bejeweled … hair up or down, curly or straight. There are so many options with headbands, but there is one common thing: You don’t have to shower. Headbands cover greasy hair, and we love this. Again, why would you shower when you could sleep instead?

5. Graphic T-shirts and jeans


What’s bolder than simply stating “I’m lazy and I know it” with your outfit itself? This lazy look uses some sort of reverse psychology to make everyone think you’re fashionable … and it’s the best. At Berkeley, often looking like you haven’t showered is positively correlated with how hip you are.

6. The Katniss braid — or any braid you can think of 


Channel your inner warrior and go for the recently popular Katniss look. This braid looks sophisticated but can be done in little-to-no time at all. When it comes to the rest of your outfit that day, may the odds be ever in your favor.

7. Statement pocket tees


There’s just something about adding a brightly colored pocket to a plain tee that screams class. Pair this with anything — running shorts, leggings, jeans, a maxi skirt or even sweats — and you’ll be sure to impress.

Or combine several of these style options to really look like you didn’t get ready in five minutes.

Image Sources: Wearable VintagePhotography-S!Sean GanannYersinia pestisSketchThisOutTaísKatherine DonaldsonAlexandra Bandea under Creative Commons

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OCTOBER 22, 2014

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