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DJ and producer Lunice talks collaborations and stage presence with the Daily Cal

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

The beat for “Blood on the Leaves” on Yeezus that most of us attribute to Kanye West was actually created by TNGHT, electronic duo made up of Canadian-bred Lunice Pierre and Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke. Lucky for UC Berkeley students, Lunice, who has collaborated with Rick Ross, Azealia Banks and 2 Chainz in the past, will be performing on Memorial Glade tonight, bringing with him his signature electro-meets-hip-hop aesthetic. The Daily Californian caught up with the DJ and producer over email before the show to talk collaborations, stage presence and future projects.

The Daily Californian: How did you transition from being a dancer to a music producer?

Lunice: Dancing got me to pay closer attention to to the structure of a song. And with that, I eventually came (up) with the idea of trying some of these song ideas out for myself.

DC: Your energy while performing is unreal. Do you feel like your background as a dancer has affected the way you approach music?

L: Definitely, that’s where my stage presence comes from. I used to do shows and a bit of a theatre in college so I’m just really having fun with what I’ve learnt. I’m trying to see how far I can push my live shows.

DC: What kind of experience do you want to give your audience?

L: I want to give them something a little different from the usual DJ set. Something they can not only dance to but simply just watch, enjoy and think.

DC: What was it like producing with Azealia Banks and Angel Haze?

L: They’re both really fast workers and can adapt to any situation like I can so it really makes for a good swift collaboration.

DC: How did you and Hudson Mohawke start working together?

L: I heard his remix for Gucci Mane’s “Party Animal” which was the most simplistic, hardest track I’ve heard him make. So from that, I emailed him about it and we started to talk and I suggested that we should try to make something together out of the concept of minimalism and loud crisp sound and that’s what came about.

DC: How would you say the music you produced with HudMo in TNGHT differs from the music you produced yourself?

L: HudMo has a more grandiose style of sound where I have a more minimalistic approach to it.

DC: Is there anything we can look forward to from you or TNGHT?

L: I’m working on my album, HudMo is working on his album. After we’re done with our projects, I think you’ll know what’ll happen next.

Lunice is performing on Memorial Glade tonight. This concert is sponsored by SUPERB. 

Addy Bhasin is the arts editor. Contact her at [email protected]. Contact Tiffany Kim at [email protected].

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

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