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ASUC Senate class assembles for 1st meeting of 2014-15 school year

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SEPTEMBER 04, 2014

On Wednesday, this year’s ASUC Senate class convened at the Anna Head Alumnae Hall for its first meeting of the year to give reports on projects and discuss goals for the 2014-15 class.

At the meeting, six senate bills and one finance bill were assigned to committees for review. The first, titled “A Bill in Support of the ASUC Advocacy Agenda,” was sponsored by Executive Vice President Justin Kong. The agenda, which outlines the ASUC’s goals and initiatives for the year, was discussed in the Committee of the Whole. This year, the ASUC will focus on three initiatives – health and wellness, ASUC accountability and improving the undergraduate experience and education.

To give senators time to evaluate the final draft, the agenda will be finalized at the next senate meeting.

“We’re still working on the wording and our vision for the year,” Student Action Senator Paul Lee said. “(But) the agenda shouldn’t be taken for verbatim.”

The second bill, also sponsored by Kong, asked the ASUC to ratify the revised August 2014 ASUC governing documents.

Senate Bill 3, sponsored by Kong and titled “Accepting the Resignation of Academic Affairs Vice President Jeanette Corona,” stated that the EVP would form a temporary AAVP-nominating committee with the senate’s advice and consent.

The fourth bill concerned the appointment of a new attorney general. It would give the senate class more time to fill the position without the threat of a freeze on funds. It states that if the position is not filled by the sixth regular senate meeting, new business cannot be introduced.

The senate entered closed session to discuss the Cal Lodge, an ASUC-owned property in Lake Tahoe. SB 5 requested amendments to the lodge’s governance committee charter such as changing its structure and conducting more frequent check-ins.

The final bill, SB 6, would allow the ASUC to recognize amendments made to the University of California Student Association’s charter.

In his report, ASUC President Pavan Upadhyayula introduced a new ASUC mobile app, which will provide campus resources for students. Released Tuesday, the app features a map where students can see where various organizations are tabling and search for information about the groups. Still in the development phase, the app is currently only available on iOS devices.

The ASUC Student Union and Kong provided updates on the Wheeler Late Night Program, which gives students more spaces on campus for academic and extracurricular activities. Starting Sept. 15, 25 classrooms on the first two floors of Wheeler Hall’s first two floors will be available for students from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Students can now make reservations online on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The next senate meeting will be Wednesday.

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SEPTEMBER 05, 2014

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