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ASUC leaders' goals for the new school year

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AUGUST 29, 2014

The Daily Californian spoke with this year’s ASUC officials to learn more about their plans and goals for the school year.

Caitlin Quinn – ASUC External Affairs VP

“One of my goals is to make the EAVP Office more relevant to the larger student body by including more students who do not already have existing relationships with the ASUC…I also want to make our office embody the history of the student movement — this fall is the 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement and the 30th year that CalSERVE has existed, and the ASUC would look a lot different if it weren’t for those leaders.”


Hannah Frankl – Student Action Senator

“I look forward to collaborating with the other senators to achieve and exceed our advocacy agenda. I hope to endorse the ASUC as a whole on campus.I hope to work across party lines. I hope to represent all students at Cal to the best of our ability.”



Haley Broder – CalSERVE Senator

“I’m working on creating a student-run and student-supported sexual assault resource center to support survivors of sexual violence. I’m also excited to further work with our campus to hyperlocalize the food system by creating more campus gardens and transforming more lawns into meadows so that we can take the food grown and distribute it to students directly. Our campus needs to be a role model in sustainability, which I hope to help push for, through a regenerative campus sustainability plan, for the longevity of Cal for years to come.”



Ori Herschmann – Student Action Senator

“I have been working all summer to actualize the platforms I ran on. Our office is committed to bringing change to our campus, representing Jewish student interests, Greek Life, disabled Students, and Health-Minded students, to provide a more inclusive, safe, and welcoming environment for UC Berkeley students.”




King Xiong – CalSERVE Senator

“I look forward to working with all my fellow ASUC senators in supporting the student body here at Cal. As a representative of the progressive API community, one of my goals is to collaboratively create spaces for cross-cultural community work to better improve the campus climate and increase awareness of issues in different communities.”




Lavanya Jawaharlal – CalSERVE Senator

“I am looking forward to working with my staff to host a STEM Awareness Day and Engineering Entrepreneurship Expo. This is an extremely exciting time as we plan for UC Berkeley to be a pioneer in creating a day of celebrations for all STEM fields and organizations.”




Madison Gordon – SQUELCH! Senator

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with my Senate class to make Cal a more student-friendly campus. Whether adjusting Tang Center to have more convenient hours — or supporting our transfers and non-traditional entry students — I can’t wait to make tangible changes.”




Austin Pritzkat – Cooperative Movement-CalSERVE Senator

“I will prioritize working alongside the Cooperative Community to represent our voices, increase our resources, and strengthen our partnerships with other student organizations. I will also prioritize fighting for expanded student autonomy, and I will work to address issues related to student wellness.”




Vinay Ramesh – Student Action Senator

“As an ASUC Senator this year I hope to work collaboratively with the administration and the City of Berkeley to make this city safer through the installation of new streetlights. I am honored beyond words to be serving amongst 19 other public servants and am positive that we will strive to represent student voices and advocate for student issues more passionately than any other senate has before. GO BEARS!”


ASUCrishiahuja_ElenaKempfcourtesyRishi Ahuja – Student Advocate

“My main focus for the year will be enhancing the services available to survivors of sexual violence … I am serving on the UC-Wide Taskforce that has put together a set of recommendations for how the UC can improve our response to sexual violence. Additionally, I will be working to expand financial literacy services that are available and building on the great work that has been going on in the Financial Aid and Scholarships division and am working on other projects in emergency response protocols.”

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AUGUST 29, 2014