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Look back in time with Throwback

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JULY 25, 2014

There’s nothing more amusing than surfing through years of old Facebook profile pictures, status updates and photo comments in search of your friend’s embarrassing old posts.

Now there’s an app for that. Throwback allows you to see what you and your friends posted on social media in past years on the specific date of your visit to the site. So if you log in Friday, you can see what you and your friends were thinking, doing and saying on that day — going back one, two or even three years ago.

“It started off as a way for people to just see old statuses and photos of friends and themselves. However, as we continued to build the application, Throwback slowly transitioned into a way for users to visit the past and see how both they and their friends have changed over the years,” said Kevin Chen, co-founder of Throwback.

Chen and Peter Kim, both UC Berkeley seniors majoring in computer science, both co-founded Throwback. While they both write code for the app, Kim handles the heavy coding, while Chen works on the marketing side of the project. Like many UC Berkeley students, Chen and Kim have spent most of their summers working at internships. But for them, interning wasn’t enough.

“We’re young. We really like to take risks, and we’re friends. We work really well together … so we decided to come together and try some things out,” Chen said.

Before creating Throwback, they worked together on two other applications: one that finds parking spots in San Francisco and another that was a Snapchat-esque application for Asia.

To sign up for Throwback, you’ll need to connect it with either your Facebook or Twitter. Once you’re logged in, you can also allow Throwback to receive data from your Instagram. Future plans for Throwback include adding a feature to connect with services like SoundCloud, Tumblr and YouTube. When your friends sign up for Throwback, their past posts will also show up on your feed.

“Throwback is your daily dose of nostalgia with content that changes daily!” Chen said.

Chen and Kim are currently working on a mobile Throwback application for both Android and iOS systems, which they expect to be ready to download in early August.

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JULY 25, 2014

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