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A vegetarian's and vegan's guide to Berkeley

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JULY 01, 2014

People may choose to avoid meat and dairy for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the Berkeley stereotype that we are all crazy liberals and members of a vegan cult, it can be difficult to find vegetarian and vegan options to suit those who prefer a meatless diet. That’s why we here at Clog have decided to give you the highlights on stores and restaurants that sport animal-free menus. Some may even surprise you!

1. Saturn Cafe on Oxford Street (vegetarian and vegan)

Saturn Cafe

This ’50s-themed diner gives you good ol’ American burgers and malts for reasonable prices.

2. Cafe Gratitude on Shattuck Avenue (vegan) 

Cafe Gratitude

Lift yourself up while ordering these tempting — but slightly expensive — menu items. If you want something hearty, order the deep-dish pizza  it will not disappoint!

3. Herbivore on Shattuck Avenue (vegan)


If you thought eating vegan food meant sacrificing the food you love to eat, think again. You can get cheesecake and housemade vegetarian meatball sandwiches at Herbivore. You may, however, experience some pain when the pricey bill arrives.

4. Top Dog on Durant Avenue (vegan options available)

Top Dog!

Top Dog offers a veggie dog if you still want to try a Berkeley classic. You’ll get the same quality taste and the cheap price.

5. Smart Alec’s on Telegraph Avenue (vegetarian and vegan options)

Smart Alec’s is your favorite fast food with a health twist. Though it attracts customers of all kinds, the vegan and vegetarian options are extremely inviting for those who don’t eat meat. Enter into a kingdom of veggie burgers and salads galore and leave without a dent in your wallet!

6. Cinnaholic on Oxford Street (vegan)


These cinnamon rolls are gourmet and award-winning  the vegan part almost seems like a hoax. They might be more than you’re usually willing to spend on a treat, but Cinnaholic’s prices for specials are a steal. Don’t forget to get a free one on your birthday!

7. Tara’s Organic Ice Cream on College Avenue (vegan options available)


With flavors like banana agave sorbet, caramelized pear and rose, you’ll wonder if you’re there for a scoop of ice cream or expensive fine dining. Ten percent student discounts are also available.

8. Ici on College Avenue (vegan options available)

ici_michaela swensen

The ice cream at Ici is crafted by hand and made with local, organic ingredients. It’s basically healthier and more expensive than that organic kale you’re eating.

9. Almare on Shattuck Avenue (vegan options available)

We can’t tell which sounds more magical and enticing: wallet-friendly, vegan-friendly gelato or getting a selfie with Oski. You can even get a frequent scoop card! We know — it’s all too good to be true.

10. CREAM on Telegraph Avenue (vegan options available)


We didn’t think it could get better than vegan ice cream, but order that between two vegan cookies at CREAM, and pretty soon deals like this will set off a vegan trend. Our favorite late-night ice-cream shack caters to the vegan crowd too!

11. Berkeley Student Food Collective on Bancroft Avenue (vegetarian and vegan options available)

Now you can eat vegan mac ‘n’ cheese, chocolate and coffee creamer when you want to cuddle up and watch TV shows for six hours.

12. The Republic of V on University Avenue (vegan)

This is the new kid on the streets of veganism. For good prices, you can buy an assortment of items here that range from vegan macaroons to lotions to tote bags for all your vegan enjoyment!

Image Sources: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, and Berkeley Student Food Collective , Simone Arpaio, Smart Alec’s


Contact Lucy Tate at [email protected].

JUNE 30, 2014

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