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6 Berkeley gifts for your dad this Father's Day

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JUNE 13, 2014

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and buying a gift for your dad can be really difficult. Don’t worry — we at the Clog have got you covered. Here are some Berkeley-related gifts you can get your dad that he will be sure to appreciate.
1. “California Dad Berkeley” mug CM108-SP3119D2C   A mug is always a safe bet for a choosy guy like your dad. If he’s too busy to come visit you at Cal, too car-obsessed to sport a UC Berkeley bumper sticker or just too cheap to buy a T-shirt from the bookstore, shove your school pride right in his face with this coffee mug. It’s available for $8.95 at the Cal Student Store.
2. Peet’s coffee 480366_l   Your father is going to need something to sip on now that’s he’s got himself that fancy mug. Why not tickle his fancy and block his adenosine receptors by presenting him with some Peet’s coffee beans? The Berkeley-based coffee company offers half-pound and three-pound sampler boxes that can be found both online and in stores.
3. Periodic table necktie navy-blue-microfiber-elements-tie-224384-505-800-0   UC Berkeley researchers have discovered 16 elements to date, and while you may not be able to provide your dad with the chemicals in their natural form, you sure can make him the snazziest guy in the office with this periodic table necktie, available at Ties.com for only $17.  Sure, it’s kind of hideous, but so is the tuition he pays every year for your education. Show him your appreciation, and let him brag about your school’s prestige by wrapping Californium, Berkelium and Lawrencium around his neck.
4. Birkenstocks url We really hope your father has a nice pair of tube socks to wear with these sandals. The footwear, besides being extremely comfy and well-made, is synonymous with liberalism. Like the tie, the sandals, which are priced in the $100 range, are downright hideous, but your dad probably won’t ever figure that out.
5. A subscription to Mother Jones 8c43b99e26e70e008f52a2cb9c972260 In case you didn’t know, Mother Jones is the Michael Moore of magazines. More left-wing than a recyclable food stamp, Mother Jones, which is based in San Francisco, has been publishing articles since 1976, promoting everything from feminism to labor unions. Turn your dad into a full-fledged liberal by signing him up for a $12 annual subscription.
6. Hemp soap 7220 Let your dad lather up the natural way with hemp soap. Nothing says Berkeley like the radiating odor of cannabis.
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JUNE 12, 2014

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