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8 concerns our parents have when they visit our apartment for the first time

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JUNE 09, 2014

Whether your parents are coming over to help you move in or to see the place you will be spending the next few years of your life, their visit is something you cannot avoid. Here are some of the reactions you will probably get from them:

1. Why doesn’t the front door have a lock? Anyone could walk in!


This is probably the first thought your parents will have when they get out of the car. Even if there is a lock on the front door, they will probably express concern that people can tailgate their way in. You may also hear complaints about the fact that there is no building code to get in.

2. You would think that they could put an elevator in a four-floor building with all the money they get from poor students like you.


When you hear this, you should know that they’re not concerned so much about your safety as they are with the fact that they’ll have to carry a three-seater couch up four flights of stairs. This is your cue to call every athlete you know to help you out and save your parents from future back problems.

3. Is this where you have to cook? There’s barely any room to stand in here.



The small kitchen wasn’t a problem for you when you found the apartment because you knew that there’s only one purpose for it: reheating microwave dinners. Your parents, however, will probably have more of an issue about the fact that your kitchen’s stove doesn’t work.

4. This window is broken — they’d better not make you pay for that.


Even though you were thinking the same thing, you can’t help but defend your place when your mom is fretting over the broken window.

5. You’re going to share this room with three other people? Won’t it get crowded?


With school, friends, extracurriculars and jobs, the last thing on your mind is going to be how much space you have around your bed. Tell your parents that the little space will make you want to come home more often — this will make your parents happy.

6. You should get a desk to study at — you can’t study on the couch!



You’re not sure if you should tell your parents that you rarely study at home because you study at Main Stacks all the time because that’ll make them start worrying about what you do late at night.

7.  Be careful when taking out the trash at night. This looks like a dodgy area.


Our parents will never stop worrying about our safety, but is a trash buddy really necessary?

8. There’s no service here? How will you call us?


Just act like you’ve already taken care of everything, and once they leave, get started on calling Comcast.

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JUNE 08, 2014

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