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Tunesday: A Cure for June Gloom

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JUNE 03, 2014

With Karl the Fog’s return to The Bay, the reign of June Gloom has officially commenced. Take that time to become a hermit for a minute and recover from the sunburn you probably have from the first days of summer. Or maybe head out of The Bay and settle in a finer location equipped with this list.

Hozier — “Work Song”

Andrew Hozier-Byrne, better known as Hozier, charted at Number One in Ireland last year for his first single “Take Me to Church.” He thankfully has not slowed down in production since then. His perfected combination of soul and blues makes this track, as well as the others on his EPs, worthy of setting on repeat during the gloomy days ahead. If you tend to avoid the whole “listening to semi-depressing songs when it’s gray out,” maybe you should keep scrolling through the playlist, considering the chorus repeats “When my time comes around /Lay me gently in the cold dark earth.”

Tove Lo —“Stay High (Habits Remix) ft. Hippie Sabotage”


Swedish pop singer Tove Lo released her first EP this spring, though she had put out a few singles in 2013, including “Out Of Mind.”  In “Stay High,” she openly vents her reliance on drugs after a failed relationship and does so without shame or hesitation. The video of the track shows her taking rounds of shots and hooking up with strangers, right before she breaks down. This remix takes on California production duo Hippie Sabotage to give it a more alternative EDM feel.

Sam Smith — “Latch” (Acoustic)


Sam Smith originally got his name out there on Disclosure’s “Latch,” released in October 2012. A few months later he produced a version of his debut that completely reversed the original style. Smith removes the synths and forward drive of the piece he created with Disclosure, instead relying only on a cello, piano accompaniment and his otherworldly voice. In this version, the lyrics come to life, giving the song an entirely different message.

Kyla La Grange — “Cut Your Teeth” (Kygo Remix)


Norwegian producer Kygo takes on English singer Kyla La Grange this time around. He transformed the track even before she released the album bearing its name, which happened only a few days ago. Kygo makes his version a little less solemn but still leaves the focus on her vocals. He creates a snappy and dance inducing beat just for you to shake off the gloom. But then again, if you prefer to stay in bed, here is Kyla La Grange at her finest.

Banks — “Drowning”

After touring with The Weeknd in 2013, Jillian Banks moved on to play at Coachella this year. She has since dedicated herself to her solo career. With her sultry voice and a touch of hip-hop, Banks remains distinctive from the slew of other electronic pop artists out there.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich — “Shine” (Kygo Remix)


Although another track produced by Kygo, this one takes on an entirely different vibe from that in “Cut Your Teeth” above. Kygo adapts this Australian artist’s original to add a little more personality to it with the overlay of another melody. Leftwich’s soft, raspy voice remains intact but picks up a less melancholy tone here.

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OCTOBER 12, 2014