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7 reasons why having your sibling at UC Berkeley is actually great

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JUNE 02, 2014

Is your sibling an incoming freshman? Even if you have a good relationship with your sibling, you probably spent your time living separate lives in school. But we at the Clog think having a sibling go to UC Berkeley with you is actually a great thing. Here are seven reasons why:

1) If your sibling is a freshman, he/she can swipe you in for Late Night 

No need to worry about starving at night — your freshman sibling has meal points!

2) If your sibling is older, he/she can help you avoid bad classes


You can avoid making all the mistakes people make as freshmen because you have a sibling to help you out.

3) It saves your parents money and time when they come to visit because they can visit both of you at once 

They don’t have to make two trips and buy two dinners — they can visit you both at the same time!

4) You’ll always have someone to sit with at the BART station when you go back home for breaks

Waiting for the BART to come and waiting at the airport is terrible, but now you’ll have your sibling to go with you and keep you company.

5) Your parents only need to buy one UC Berkeley bumper sticker that says “Berkeley Mom/Dad” 

Your parents basically got the best end of the deal about having their children go to the same college.

6) You never have to worry about finding a roommate 


Worried about having a roommate? Not anymore! Your parents will save money, and you never have to worry about whether your roommate is going to pay his or her half of the rent.

7) You’ll always have a piece of home with you

It’s inevitable that we feel homesick sometimes, but having your sibling with you will make you feel better. You’ll always have someone to whine with about missing the food back at home.

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JUNE 01, 2014

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