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Cher Lloyd’s sophomore album not quite worth the break

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MAY 28, 2014

After her first studio album, Sticks + Stones, “X Factor UK” alum Cher Lloyd has been pushing back the release date for her recent album. After much delay, Lloyd has released her sophomore album, Sorry I’m Late.

Sorry I’m Late is best described as an explosive emotional roller coaster. It has the tempo of Nicki Minaj and the emotion of Taylor Swift, all the while embracing Lloyd’s lyrics and sass. The album features both up-tempo beach party jams and emotionally wrenching introspective songs about humanity. Lloyd beautifully changes the pace of her vocals to flow with the mood of the songs. Her high-pitched, bratty talk-rap accompanied by fiery instruments allows songs such as “M.F.P.O.T.Y” and “Killing It” to radiate with an upbeat summer vibe and her mellow tracks such as “Human” and “Goodnight” avoid using too much pitch control and amplification to display her sensually raspy and powerful voice.

Some songs suffer from subpar production that fit into the pop mold of today’s radio hits, having repetitive cords and underwhelming vocality. The most favorable aspect of the album is that none of the tracks contain a Zedd-esque beat-only bridge, typical of pop songs today. Either way, the album flows fairly slowly. With an impressive producer lineup including Shellback, Ilya and T.I., it’s disappointing that some tracks feel too vanilla and manufactured. Lloyd’s voice is at the forefront but never manages to shine through the synths.

The album does feature a few smashing, radio-worthy hits, such as “Alone With Me” and “Dirty Love,” but will most likely get lost in musical history. Hopefully, it does not take another three years to hear another album from Lloyd. Her voice has acoustic stardom potential, and Sorry I’m Late is simply a toned-down sample of the vocal artistry she is capable of producing.

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MAY 29, 2014

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