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2 lucky freshmen find $500 scholarship on Memorial Glade

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APRIL 22, 2014

On April 17, UC Berkeley’s Undergraduate Marketing Association hosted an Easter egg hunt on Memorial Glade. There were 5,000 eggs filled with samples of event sponsor Scharffen Berger’s milk chocolate with two special eggs filled with a $500 scholarship.

This is how the event went: Every hour, UC BerkeliWeDRNUjghZZyi4ubFh7mXqQApX_c4o85wz6zlErnhEey students and nonstudents alike surrounded Memorial Glade, waiting for the Campanile to ring its bell. At the sound of the bell, people swarmed the field and tried to find the eggs that were scattered around.

Though students had literally less than a 1 percent chance of getting the money egg, two students — James Brahney and Oscar Alvarez — found the prizes.

Brahney, a freshman, said he and a classmate showed up three to four minutes before 11 a.m. and saw “the crazy amount of people waiting with bags.”

Brahney described the event as a lot of fun, albeit quick.

“I had a blast mostly because it was hectic and crazy all around,” Brahney said. “If it were a little longer or a little more challenging then it would be more fun and longer-lasting for everyone.”

James Brahney next to Scharffen Berger sign

As Brahney waited for the Campanile to ring, he made the decision to go for the middle of the field, spotting a yellow egg to get. Relying on his running abilities from playing baseball during high school, Brahney claims he knew that he would be the first to the middle. When the bell struck 11 a.m., he dropped his backpack and sprinted after the yellow egg.

“I picked up the yellow egg and three others,” said Brahney. “I opened the yellow egg, and it had nothing, but as I opened my last egg, I saw a piece of extra paper.”

Brahney, excited to get the money egg ever since he saw The Daily Californian’s article about the prize, said it was like “‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ in real life.”

It was an exciting moment for Brahney, as he plans on using the money to help with college expenses.

“I read the paper at least three times before I yelled,” Brahney said. “I just really needed the money to get by. It was such a blessing.”

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APRIL 23, 2014