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April's all about awareness

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APRIL 09, 2014

With April comes the anticipation of cheeky pranks and punny jokes. Yet once April Fools’ Day passes, the threat of never-ending showers and looming finals starts to sink in. April is like a perpetual Sunday night — awkwardly between academic breaks, with the mad dash of finalizing summer plans. Between the manic motions of getting papers written and coping with the emotional stress of being a college student, we still ought to take notice of the numerous celebratory and awareness days April brings:

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1. April is Alcohol Awareness Month, reminding us to be slightly more conscious of the amount of alcohol we consume from Thirsty Thursday through Sloppy Saturday. No amount of turning up is worth being the one fetched by sirens.

2. Are your shoulders getting a little too knotted up and your eyebags a little too conspicuous? Celebrate Stress Awareness Month by turning off your phone, putting those books aside and simply relaxing. Not getting a 4.0 or that coveted internship at Google Inc. may be distressing, but it is definitely not worth risking your health and well-being for!

3. Stand in solidarity with victims of sexual assault during Sexual Assault Awareness Month by participating in UC Berkeley Gender Equity Resource Center’s special events. These events will also be promoted by the Tang Center.

“We are super excited about the campuswide events and this opportunity to highlight the resources relating to sexual assault and violence,” said Kim LaPean, communications manager for UHS Tang Center.

Check out the Take Back the Night Resource Fair and Rally on April 17 to break the silence surrounding sexual violence and honor the lives affected by and lost to it.

4. Overwhelmed as you may be by your writing assignments, why not observe Card and Letter Writing Month with some personal writing? Check in on your best friend or your family. They would definitely appreciate it more than a Facebook message.

5. Finally put that AP literature knowledge to use on Talk like Shakespeare Day, which is celebrated on April 23.

6. April also offers an excuse to express your love for your favorite library on campus (East Asian Library anyone?) as it’s also designated as School Library Month. Embrace the geekiness that got you into UC Berkeley, and spend some quality time in the company of some of the greatest words ever written. Also, stop by Doe Library on April 12 for the semiannual $1 book sale!

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7. April 14 is National Reach As High As You Can Day. You could either celebrate this by lighting up the Berkeley way or simply by setting higher life goals. Or both.

8. April also celebrates No Housework Day, though UC Berkeley students traditionally observe this holiday year round.

9. And of course, April is also National Humor Month.

Regardless of how you decide to spend your April, we at The Daily Clog wish you a great one. And hey, only a month and a half more until summer holidays!

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APRIL 09, 2014

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