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Which Crossroads late-night food are you?

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MARCH 07, 2014

Undeniably, we frequented Crossroads’ Late Night our freshman year. We were with our friends, we were hungry and, sometimes, we were pretty drunk. Every order offered us a different experience. So now, we at the Clog pose the question: Which Late Night food would you be?


  1. What’s your favorite time of day?
    1. Bright and early, obviously!
    2. Middle of the day, which is when I wake up.
    3. Dinner time. FOOD.
    4. After midnight. I’m a night owl.
  2.  What’s your idea of fun?
    1. Reading the optional supplemental reading that the professor offered.
    2. A concert with a big group of people.
    4. An art gallery opening with a few friends in San Francisco.
  3. What is your favorite campus building?
    1. Moffitt Library.
    2. Dwinelle Hall.
    3. The Campanile.
    4. Li Ka Shing Center.
  4. What is your favorite color?
    1. Chartreuse.
    2. Red (if this is true, GO HOME.)
    3. Blue and gold, duh!
    4. Deep purple.
  5. What is your drink of choice?
    1. Coffee.
    3. Anything alcoholic.
    4. Tea.
  6. Are you a big spender?
    1. Do meal points count? Broke college student here!
    2. I’ll splurge on clothes.
    3. Yeah, I like to have a good time!
    4. I like to spend money on experiences.
  7. What do you want to do after graduation?
    1. I already have a job lined up with a Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley.
    2. I’ll probably end up living back home for a little while …
    3. I have nooo idea.
    4. Travel around the world.
    1. 4983817714_049ed42710_qOmelette: Hey, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you consider yourself very important. You are smart, studious and trying to be healthier than your fellow diners, but remember: You may be at UC Berkeley, but you’re still at Late Night. So maybe try to relax a little!
    2. 9356667105_8d3df9ec96_qChili cheese fries: You’re a wild card, just like chili cheese fries! You’re enjoyable, unique and loaded with strong tastes and opinions. Sometimes, you might just be a little too much too handle.
    3. 3090839789_b0657d8288_qChicken nuggets and waffle fries: You happen to be a very popular order. You’re a fun, likable, social person who has plenty of school spirit. You’re living the college life, going out and having a good time! Be wary — your good time tonight might not feel as great tomorrow morning or on graduation.
    4. 1595884600_2f1e8d94c3_qVegan quesadilla: You care a lot about the world around you and are very involved in your Berkeley community. You are an intellectual alternative and an activist’s favorite choice! You’re willing to go off the beaten track, and you’re also very creative.


Image sources:  Neeta Lindbrent.hofacker,  samantha celera,  crd!

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MARCH 07, 2014