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Looking for the one? Try MTV's 'Match Machine'

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FEBRUARY 18, 2014

Have your friends been claiming that they’ve “found the one” on Facebook? Have you been wondering what the hell they’re talking about? Let us explain.

As a means of promoting its new show, “Are You The One?,” MTV Asia has released a new, slightly creepy love game that manages to find a use for Facebook outside of cat memes and six-second Vines. It’s called “Match Machine” — and the aim is to find your true love by comparing your Facebook profile with the rest of your friends’ and discovering which of them is your perfect match.

This virtual Cupid analyzes every aspect of your life, including where you live, your mutual friends, compatibility, likes, music and opinion. Then, you awkwardly wait as the matchmaker literally scans your “heart” and tells you which of your friends you’re supposed to be with. A glorified version of the “Love Calculator,” a high-school fave, “Match Machine” is scarily accurate. We’re pretty sure it “analyzes” a few other things to obtain its results (such as the embarrassing number of times you’ve stalked your crush’s profile or liked his or her pictures as an attempt to make yourself noticed).

Once your love has been revealed, you can choose to “be that person” and share your result on Facebook or keep it a well-hidden secret. Although a little cheesy, people are using the site to get discover their most compatible best friends as well as true loves. As a decent means of procrastination and a relatively good laugh, we say why not? Who isn’t curious about finding true love?

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FEBRUARY 18, 2014

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