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Happy Birthday

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FEBRUARY 07, 2014

This morning, I got an email that said that my blog TodayInGalway — which was supposed to chronicle my experience abroad in Galway, Ireland in last spring — has officially turned one year old. My first thought: I have way too many emails. I really do. I currently have 5,412* unread messages my inbox. I have made various resolutions to purge the system and start anew, but it’s pretty stressful to think about, so I’d rather put it off — at least for a few more months. My second thought: The Internet cares about me. It feels amazing to know the Internet, a singular body of data and information that serves everyone on the planet, is willing to reach out and say “What’s up? It’s your blog’s birthday!”** This was especially exciting because I have been neglecting this site for a full year, as I was a proud blogosphere one-post wonder. My third thought: I really don’t know what is happening in Galway today, but I can probably guess.

Guess #1: It’s raining. A given.

Guess #2: People are drinking. Also a given.

Guess #3: The lambs are looking plushy and adorable. This is a FACT.  February in Ireland is the happiest month because the lambs are just old enough to prance around but have not been slaughtered yet … sad. Better yet, they have not matured into full-grown sheep, which is an entirely different species that is frightening and altogether uninspiring.

Guess #4: The kayaking club is practicing. The kayaking club is always practicing. Through rain, wind, sleet and snow, kayakers view the most vicious of elements as a playful invitation to “come out for a session.” Upon arriving in Galway, I joined this dedicated group of Irish hippies and got to experience the unmatched thrill of paddling through 50-degree water! If you ask me to describe my body after an hour-long paddle, I will say, “chilly, with a chance of frostbite.” Jealous?


Guess #5: Someone is enjoying a chicken roll. Statistically speaking, at least half the Irish population is eating one of these delicious sandwiches at any given time. Chicken rolls put you on the fast-track to heart disease and are conveniently available at every gas station and grocery store throughout the country. My order was always chicken (duh), mozzarella cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. YUM. Extra sun-dried tomatoes? DOUBLE YUM. Add some pesto? TRIPLE YUM. Oh man, I miss chicken rolls.

There are probably more than five things happening in Galway today, but these are the five things that I know, without a doubt, are happening at this exact moment.*** In retrospect, I should have written about my experience when it was actually happening, but YOLO. I was living in the moment.

*Since I started this article I received four more emails. Now my inbox says 5,414. Help.

**Like should I say happy birthday to the Internet? When was the Internet born? Al Gore, can you help me?

***No, I did not account for time change.

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FEBRUARY 07, 2014

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