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Find the perfect drink for your musical experience: Drinkify!

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DECEMBER 09, 2013

It is a common crisis: you are chilling, listening to your favorite musical artist when you are suddenly struck with a desire to enjoy an accompanying beverage. But what kind of drink are you supposed to fix yourself? Should you crack open a Bud Light whilst rocking out to the Strokes? Or should you instead fix yourself a mojito? You don’t want to choose wrong because as easily as the right drink can perfect your music experience, the wrong drink can totally destroy your mojo. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect website that recommends the perfect concoction for any artist you wish to sing and drink along to. We at the Clog have compiled a few of our favorite combinations to give you an idea of how helpful Drinkify is:

Artist: Elvis Costello

Drink: 8 oz. Water and 8 oz. Fassionola and 10 oz. half-and-half, combine in highball glass and serve.

We would have never come up with this drink. Water? Half-and-half? We really hope someone tries this out and let’s us know how it turns out.

Artist: Kanye West

Drink: 6 oz. Hennessy, serve neat and stir slowly.

Fun Fact: Hennessy was the drink Mr. West was famously seen swigging a bottle of before infamously storming on stage at the 2009 VMAs to interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to give his own interpretation of who should have won.

Artist: Rihanna

Drink: 1 oz. Red Bull and 1 oz. Tabasco Sauce and 1 oz. Lemon Sour, combine in highball glass and serve. Garnish with olive.

Artist: Muse

Drink: 1 Bottle Box Wine, serve at room temperature.

Because box wine is classy wine.

Artist: Outkast

Drink: 8 oz. Cough Syrup and 8 oz. Filandia Vodka, serve on the rocks.

Well, this sounds just delightful and the best drink if you have a cold. Because drinking when sick is the best.

Artist: Justin Bieber

Drink: 8 oz. of Red Bull, serve on rocks.

Let’s be real, if you’re listening to Justin Bieber you probably can’t legally drink alcohol yet.

Artist: The Killers

Drink: 2 oz. Cocaine, serve neat and garnish with wedge of pineapple.

So, apparently cocaine is also an energy drink. It is probably as bad for you as the drug it is named after, but it is legal.

 Artist: Nujabes

Drink: 2 oz. Gin and 2 oz. Milk, combine in shaker and strain into cocktail glass. Serve.

Milk and gin did not seem appealing to us, but hey, your parents will be proud of your vitamin D intake.

Artist: HAIM

Drink: 6 oz. Vodka and 6 oz. V8, combine in highball glass and serve.

We think Drinkify got this one wrong, HAIM is way more of a “rum and coke” band.

Artist: Macklemore

Drink: 1 Bottle Canadian Club Whisky, serve neat and garnish with a twist of grapefruit.

Sure they are fairly close together geographically, but just let it be known that Macklemore is from Seattle, Washington, NOT Canada.

Artist: Lorde

Drink: 10 oz. Havana Club Dark Rum

It’s not Grey Goose, so it’s an appropriate drink.

Artist: Vampire Weekend

Drink: 1 PBR, serve cold.

Actually though, how is this not Horchata?

Artist: Danny Brown

Drink: 1 Bottle of Champagne, serve at room temperature

A glass of champagne is a classier drink than we would expect for Danny Brown, but an entire bottle of champagne for one makes perfect sense. 

Artist: Bob Marley

Drink: 10 oz. Marijuana, 10 oz. Club-Mate, 6 oz. Kirsch, combine in shaker and strain into cocktail glass. Serve. Stir vigorously. Garnish with national flag.

The national flag is a nice touch.

Artist: Jack Johnson

Drink: 2 oz. Sipsmith Gin and 2 oz. Honey and 1 Bottle Cranberry Juice, combine in highball glass and serve, garnish with shrimp.

This is definitely the best sounding drink in the whole list.

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DECEMBER 09, 2013

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