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Millennials Issue: A generation and its haters

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Associate Editor, Weekender

DECEMBER 06, 2013

The majority of undergraduate students at UC Berkeley are members of the same cohort — the millennial generation.

We’ve solicited a number of op-eds and staff contributions asking about some of the most critical issues facing millennials, as well as new perspectives on our generation from our generation.

Older age groups believe we are lazy, self-absorbed, materialist drones. They think we value only Facebook likes and retweets. They often write 10,000-word essays testifying to our selfishness, always presuming the worst intentions.

The reason for this millennial issue is simple: We, the students, say fuck that.

Noah Kulwin, opinion page editor

Editorial: Stop treating millennials like a punchline

Members of the millennial generation face unique challenges, and older Americans need to recognize this.

Millennials will not follow the carrot

Joy Lin/Staff

Meg Elison debunks the notion that millennials are not all morally bankrupt and lazy and obsessed with technology.

A generation politically dissastified

Former Berkeley College Republican president Shawn Lewis argues that President Obama, once ushered into the White House with a huge support from young voters, should be held accountable for his broken promises.

All millennials need to fight for gender equality

Katie Holmes/Staff

UC Berkeley alumna Aviya McGuire claims gender equality is the biggest policy issue for the millennial generation.

Millennnials are perpetuating Washington partisanship

Berkeley College Republican president Brendan Pinder highlights the political hyperinsulation among liberal and conservative millennials and asks for respectful dialogue.

The youth will save American government

Cal Berkeley Democrats president Sofie Karasek argues that millennials have political clout to change the currently broken political system in America.

Feeling fine about making do with less

Graham Haught/Staff

UC Berkeley alumnus Dylan White writes about his experience of living in a walk-in closet to afford living in San Francisco.

Millennials must seek water rights at home and abroad

Water group at Berkeley president Estrella Sainburg speaks about a set of policies needed in more places around the world to end corruption in the water sector and how millennials can help.

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