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8 ways to prepare for spring semester

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DECEMBER 03, 2013

After five weeks of holiday fun — if you stretch break out until instruction begins — Jan. 21 will bring you crashing back to reality. Here’s how to stay positive when spring semester slaps you in the face and you “forget how to college.”

1. First, you have solidify your schedule …


In case you were “Tele-fucked” during registration, the beginning of spring semester can be a time for last-minute swaps and adviser meetings. Look at ScheduleBuilder, Ninja Courses, Rate My Professors, etc. for open classes or to check whether the professor is awesome. Nobody likes an 8 a.m. with a professor who thinks a C- is a suitable average. Or maybe you’ve added some extracurricular activities and are thinking of dropping a class — we suggest doing it early, before you’ve invested your time and money.

2. Then you have to keep your schedule …


Get a planner. Get a calendar. Get whatever you need to make sure you don’t show up to your R1B at 9 p.m. instead of a.m.

3. You have to have fun, though … 


So budget your money. If you know Justin Timberlake is playing in San Jose the weekend before classes start — this is not hypothetical, and we are totally going — don’t spend all your Christmas money over break.

4. Make a meal plan …


But not the dorm meal plan. Stay healthy. There’s nothing like Berkeley rain to get you down, so load up on the healthy food and hit the RSF.

5. We know this seems daunting, but you have four weeks to …


Rest up over the break. We all can’t wait to #rage with our fellow Bears next semester, so be sure to get your full hibernation in before Jan. 21.

6. Because once you get back to school, classes start right away …


Be prepared. We all love syllabus week, but somehow there’s always that one professor who thinks it’s OK to teach new material on the first day of class. Nothing like 100 pages of reading to welcome you back.

7. Don’t let the fast-paced class progression get you down …


Stay optimistic! More midterms means each bad grade will hurt just a little less.

8. Having trouble getting optimistic? Maybe the 1-11 football streak left you grim …


Switch your mindset from football to basketball — because both our women’s and men’s teams are sure to have a better season!

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DECEMBER 03, 2013

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