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Why does everybody have a MacBook?

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NOVEMBER 21, 2013

Nothing typifies a Cal lecture hall more than the glimmer of those silver computers under the sweltering lights — and the ever-increasing feeling that you may be the only one in the room without one. Have you ever asked yourself why the hell everybody seems to have a MacBook? Well, we at The Daily Clog are here to offer five possible reasons why it seems like everyone has a MacBook.



Name one student you know without an Apple product. Hard, huh? Whether you have an iPad, iPod or iPhone, everybody seems to have at least one product sold by the tech superpower. So, if you’ve already partially sold your soul to Apple, why not go the whole way and get a MacBook to join the collection?

“Going away to college” gifts


Many people are given MacBooks as going-away gifts for college. If you’re going a long way and need something durable and reliable, parents (who can afford it) will regularly go to the MacBook, as every high schooler thinks it is the coolest.



If you’re looking for a laptop but simply cannot be bothered to delve into the black hole that is technology research, there is one simple thing you can do. Look at the MacBook to your left, look at the MacBook to your right and just buy the same computer. The idea that everyone seems to have a MacBook portrays a general consensus that it’s a good buy — I mean, everyone can’t be wrong, right?

They look “cool”


Let’s all be honest with ourselves — the design is nice. It’s clean-cut, sleek and sophisticated. Yeah, it’s pricey. Yeah, it’s a purchase that “follows the crowd.” If nothing else, however, it’s nice to look at. Plus, have you seen the cool covers you can get for the computer and keyboard? We’re just saying …

You have a class in this lecture hall


Enough said.

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NOVEMBER 21, 2013