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The public policy school used to be a frat? 6 repurposed buildings on the UC Berkeley campus

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NOVEMBER 14, 2013

Since UC Berkeley was built, campus buildings have shifted departments and functions. We at the Clog researched some of the most interesting rearrangements. Impress a classmate with this information, and you’ll have them thinking you’re a trained campus tour guide. 

1. Goldman School of Public Policy (corner of LeRoy and Hearst)


Goldman School of Public Policy, built in 1893, was originally the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house. Beta got booted out in 1966 when the university purchased the property, and GSPP moved in three years later. As many of you may know, Beta’s chapter is now housed on Channing Way (although their new home may be repurposed again; the chapter recently was closed by its national administration).

2. Moses Hall (just Southeast of Wheeler Hall)


Before this building was sold to the Regents in 1959, the Daily Cal and other publications called Moses Hall home sweet home. Before 1959, Moses Hall was named Eshleman Hall, and the Eshleman Hall recently demolished didn’t exist (whew).

Now, Moses Hall houses the departments of philosophy and governmental, international, European and Middle Eastern studies.

3. Clark Kerr Campus (south of central campus, on Warring Street between Dwight and Derby)

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 4.18.40 PM

Before it began serving the best brunch known to freshmen, CKC was the property of the California Schools for the Deaf and Blind and two other institutions. The Spanish-style campus was acquired by university housing in the 1980s.

4. California Hall (on your left, walking from Upper Sproul to Moffit Library)


Tuition check got lost in the mail? Studying abroad and need to withdraw from the university? Although California Hall used to be your destination, Sproul Hall snatched the admin duties after it was built in 1941. But we think California Hall wins — it still houses Chancellor Dirks’ main office.

5. Hearst Memorial Gym (on your right, walking down Bancroft Way)

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 4.15.08 PM

Although the pools and gym rooms have always been there, we thought it was pretty sweet that the building used to include an indoor rifle range.  Tele-Bears Phase II is now in session riflery for phys ed, anyone?

6. Evans Hall (near Memorial Glade)

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 4.14.22 PM

Used to be the Delta Zeta sorority house before the university bought the building in the 1980s.

… We’re kidding. It’s always been for math, it’s always been ugly and it’s always, according to the Interactive Berkeley map, “spoiled the East-West axis of campus.” Some things never change.

Image sources: Monica’s Dadironypoisoning and John-Morgan under Creative Commons and  Leah Hegyi/Staff

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NOVEMBER 14, 2013