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Addicted to Cinnaholic

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SEPTEMBER 05, 2013

There is a huge dilemma for those who walk into Cinnaholic: It is almost impossible to decide which combination of frosting and toppings you want! There are so many: 28 frosting flavors and 25 toppings, including seasonal ones. On top of that, there are eight specialty rolls that are already put together, as if the possibilities are not so overwhelming already.

This little hidden gem is near the corner of Oxford and Center streets. Black-and-white retro tiles enclose a small and cozy room. A mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked vegan cinnamon rolls. Cinnaholic is a treat. In this shop, which received the Best of the East Bay Remixed 2011 award, you cannot go wrong in choosing a dessert.

Every time I’ve gone to Cinnaholic has been a fulfilling occasion, no matter what I chose. The frostings include both unusual flavors (butter pecan, cream soda, pumpkin spice, pina colada, etc.) and the classics (strawberry, banana, caramel and cherry). For toppings, there are chocolate chips, graham crackers, oatmeal pie crumble, pecans and peanut butter.

The mocha almond specialty roll and vanilla frosting roll with raspberries and brownie chunks are delicious, but my all-time favorite is the chocolate-chip-cookie-dough specialty roll.

This roll has the perfect balance of sweetness and texture: The basic vanilla frosting isn’t too sweet, the cookie dough is dense — chewy and a bit grainy with the rockier chocolate chips — and the buttery, soft roll is perfect. The roll’s texture is similar to a fresh-baked dinner roll. As a bonus, the chocolate-chip-cookie-dough roll is fulfilling both while you’re chewing it and after it’s gone. It is not light or meager but rich and bold. It’s made for those with a sweet tooth who list dessert as their favorite course.

When you want a twist on a classic pastry, Cinnaholic is the place for you.

Cinnaholic is located at 2132 Oxford St., Berkeley, CA 94704.

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SEPTEMBER 05, 2013