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6 things to enjoy before going back to school

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AUGUST 14, 2013

We have only a little more than two weeks to go before fall classes kick off. Even summer schoolers (those crazy kids who decided to be academically productive over these designated lazy months) will have a brief reprieve before the onslaught of studying and essay-writing UC Berkeley loves to throw at us. Here are some things we think you should savor before packing up your bathing suit and sunglasses for textbooks and sweatpants:

1. Sleeping in. Of course this would be number one. We’re college students; what else do we enjoy besides eating? Speaking of which …

2. Food. If you’re with your parents, scarf down all the homemade goods you can chew before you have to either a) cook yourself or b) spend all your money at Asian Ghetto.

3. Watching TV. Maybe you do a lot of this while class is in session, too (we see you, dude in the back with headphones in), but no other time can you veg out in front of the TV and let your brain snooze. If you plan on graduating, you usually have to avoid TV the rest of the year.

4. Driving. Chances are you don’t have those wonderful machines called cars back in Berkeley. And if you do, we know you absolutely love (please notice the tone) finding parking on those funny sometimes-one-way streets. So hop in your car, or that of someone else who has good insurance, and go for a ride somewhere. Pretend you’re in a convertible, and let the wind ruffle your hair. Or something.

5. Losing track of time. Do you just let the days pass by and have to ask people what date it is? We do, and we love it. When school is in, you have to constantly update your Google Calendar and make sure you haven’t missed any meetings or deadlines. During summer? There are none. Well, except the first day of classes …

6. People. Last but not least, make sure to spend time with people you don’t get to see during the year. Family, high school friends, anybody. Alone time is great and all, given the fact you’ve probably forgotten what it looks like to just have one bed in a room (not everyone has a double?!), but so is having fun with others. So do that! We promise when you’re walking back down Telegraph Avenue, those are the times you’ll remember most.

Image source:  CJ under Creative Commons. 

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AUGUST 14, 2013

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