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Kanye West's ridiculously expensive plain white T-shirt is (sadly) a hot item

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JULY 19, 2013

We all suffer for fashion to some extent. Here at Berkeley, this seems to be one of those true facts of life that we experience on a daily basis. After all, with all those hip kids strutting their stuff on and around campus, we feel an immense pressure to have to follow this standard with some kind of article of clothing that is as equally cool as it is stylish.  Most of the time, this comes at the sacrifice of people’s life fortunes. However, there’s a certain limit to the extent one should go to achieve this before crossing the line of flat-out ridiculous. For those who chose to buy the newest released $120 plain white T-shirt from Kanye West’s new clothing brand, the line that separates logical and illogical shopping was most definitely crossed.

For the fashionably uninformed, Kanye West recently collaborated with French clothing store A.P.C. in order to release a line of luxurious clothing for the young and beautiful. The line dropped this past Sunday, and as of recently, many of its pieces are already currently sold out. Among these, the whopping $120 plain white T-shirt simply titled the “Hip Hop Shirt” shockingly stands as being among the list of actual pieces of the line that has actually sold out.

Now, nothing screams more luxury than an exclusive article of clothing created by a big-time celebrity. Heck, the darn thing probably has Kanye West’s name silk-screened in gold on the inner neckline and is most likely made of fancy cotton extracted from an exotic underwater cotton plant that is exclusively found in the depths of the ocean — right where Atlantis is located. But with all the money used to buy such a simple shirt, the whole thing screams, “irony!” Of course, there’s the saying “You get what you pay for,” but there are probably numerous amounts of more interesting, suitable articles of clothing out there to buy with that kind of money. Now, we at the Clog understand the need to be somewhat clever with fashion choices, but buying a shirt like that just seems to be a bit on the drastic side.

Regardless, we don’t want to discourage or disparage people for what they do with their money. After all, it’s their business! But we just hope that no one comes crying to us (or anyone) after inevitably staining said $120 plain white T-shirt. God forbid.

Got any experiences buying ridiculous articles of clothing that you paid crazy amounts of money to get? Feel free to share in a comment below!

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JULY 19, 2013

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