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How to: craft a summer to-do list

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MAY 23, 2013

Summer is here and finals are over. At long last, there is time to breathe. But whether you’ve chosen to stay on-campus, travel the world or nestle into your favorite home couch, it’s a sure fact that summer is a difficult time to take advantage of. Three months of unbridled freedom can often turn into 100 plus days of unrealized dreams; lazy days readily turn into lazy weeks; that toned midsection you got from the RSF disappears after a few too many KFC chicken buckets. These are just several reasons why here at the Clog, we like to make summer to-do lists. That’s right. The productivity tool of self-starters everywhere might just be your next summer staple. After all, few things are more exciting to make (and more fulfilling to accomplish) than a high quality summer to-do list. Here are a few guidelines for making yours:

1. Go outside. Remember those beautiful days you spent studying in Main Stacks? Or that Lumineers concert that you skipped for a physics midterm? Lucky for you, summertime is the perfect opportunity to reclaim your inalienable apportionment of fresh air. Be proactive about your goals and jot down a few ideas that will get you outside that ivory tower. This summer, run a half-marathon. Mountain climb. Do anything to get your heart racing. Just remember that come fall, you might be back in the library, fantasizing about those carefree days you could’ve done more with.

2. When was the last time that you read for fun? Although the outdoors is essential, every summer deserves a healthy dose of relaxation in the form of prose. Reading is not only relaxing, but it is also productive and rewarding. What’s more, the work-intensive school year often forces Cal students to postpone their casual reading. So go ahead: finish “Infinite Jest” this summer; join Einstein as an avid admirer of “The Brothers Karamazov;” attack Proust. And with your newfound check-list, relaxing will never feel so productive.

3. Visit a contemporary art museum. It can be tricky to stay hip with a full schedule; thankfully, summer is a great opportunity to indulge your inner connoisseur. Whether it’s a local gallery or the big-time MOCA, viewing contemporary art is a valuable, often insightful pursuit. Thankfully, Berkeley and its immediate surroundings are home to a thriving artistic community. In addition, there are several world-class shows only a BART ride away in San Francisco. Fortunately, the most important thing to do is to find something that you love. After all, it is your intuition and enthusiasm that will lead you to a truly refreshing summer.

Of course, these are only a few little things from us to help you get started. If you have any other ideas to help jump-start a summer bucket list, let us know in the comments!

Image source: theirhistory under Creative Commons.

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MAY 22, 2013

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