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How to: entertain yourself with the new AC Transit televisions

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MAY 13, 2013

By now, you’ve probably noticed that the new hydrogen fuel cell AC Transit buses have a feature that we’ve never seen before on public transportation: a television. Since it’s not exactly pay-per-view, it’s easy to overlook unless you’re on the bus for a considerable amount of time. But if you’re really tired of staring out the window or scrolling through your news feed, here are some ways you can utilize that television to entertain yourself:

Use it to start a conversation about the politics of petroleum. The television runs a video montage about how these new hydrogen-fueled buses help the environment. One scene on the rolling video depicts oil rigs. If you’re in the mood for an environment and transportation debate, strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you.

Enjoy the scenery. Instead of looking out the bus window at Shattuck or Durant, which you’ve seen a million times, try looking at the AC Transit television, which features some cool scenery from faraway places you’ve probably never visited. We noticed that the Port of San Francisco and Pixar Studios made it into the AC Transit video.

Have a “meta” experience. The video shows some flashy footage of the shiny new buses rolling along pristine roads. Watch a bus driving on the screen of a bus driving. Ooh … It gives you chills, right?

We do love the new hydrogen fuel cell buses. They’re a huge step forward for public transportation’s environmental impact. And we understand that the buses’ televisions are a part of advertising that impact. But if you were hoping for HBO on those screens, sorry — you’ll just have to log onto your smartphone.

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MAY 12, 2013

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