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Fashion Fridays: Summer Days

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MAY 03, 2013

The month of May has rolled in and as classes wrapped up on a sizzling Berkeley campus, our finest fashion stars rolled out some of the most dashing styles yet. Their attire was pleasing to the eye as a refreshing drink is to a parched mouth on a summer’s day. A real show of finesse and fashion know-how took place on campus this week, highlighted by a few singularly confident and well-dressed individuals.

Madison The first of these was Madison Chapman, a breathtaking image in black and white. Wearing a chic ensemble consisting of a white vest, black skirt and elegant hat, Chapman could have been strolling down 5th Avenue as easily as going to class. Every aspect of her look, from the careful braid in her hair to the pretty sandals on her feet, was deliberate and refined. Anthony

Next we encountered Anthony Le, a marvelously dressed gentleman exuding a certain gentle charm. Le was debonair from head to toe, with not a single item ill fitting or misplaced. His suave jacket, neat slacks, crisp shirt and polished shoes comprised a truly swanky suit, which was complemented by a smart selection of accessories: A purple pocket square, a straw-colored hat and a brown messenger bag in tip-top condition left no doubt of Le’s sophisticated fashion sense.

GirlsNearby we found this lovely pair, sporting beautiful long sundresses befitting this week’s climate. Ryan Williams and Kaleigh Rhoads were a sight to behold, looking jaunty and relaxed in wonderfully light, sinuous garments. Flowery and colorful, their outfits were the perfect choice for an afternoon frolic on Sproul Plaza or Memorial Glade. JosephineAnother of this week’s finest looks came in the form of Josephine Jetty, appearing cute and jovial in a blue and white dress. This outfit stood out thanks to its pronounced quirkiness, which stemmed from the cut of Jetty’s dress, her unusually shaped glasses and her bulky black shoes. The style is attractive because it’s highly individualized. Often the best dressers are those who ignore some conventions and let their personalities shine through.

All photos shot by Ashley Chen

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MAY 04, 2013

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