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Distractions to paper writing

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APRIL 30, 2013

Do you have senior roommates whom you love but are bad influences on your productivity? If you do, the Clog bets that in the last two weeks of your junior year, you are already beginning to show signs of senioritis. After all, you’ve witnessed the senior lifestyle for the past year and are ready for a taste of it, so now you’re beginning to slack off on your work. If you’re running out of ideas about how to put off your work, we’ve got some tips. While we certainly recommend that you just write your paper already, here are the most common, and most effective, distractions to finishing that paper.

Cats on the Internet. We think this goes without saying, but photos of cats and any other animals (kangaroos, owls, otters) are an adorable distraction.

Facebook. Post on each other’s timelines even when you’re in the same suite. Compare the different versions of Facebook that you each have. Discuss the ethics of Graph Search. However you use it, Facebook is a great distraction — and of course, never forget to update your status to let everyone know that you should be writing a paper.

Sharing YouTube videos. Whether it’s one of those “How It Should Have Ended” videos or this completely random Awkward Sandwich video, we’re enthralled by the availability of short moving pictures.

Cooking. Even if you only know how to cook a few dishes, cooking often seems better than writing. You’re saving money and eating healthy, yet the cursor on your blank Microsoft Word document is still blinking. But hey, a college student has to eat, right?

Cleaning. You could even distract yourself by doing some much-needed maintenance around the apartment. Wash dishes, scrub the stove and rearrange the Top Ramen and mac and cheese to economize your cabinet space. This distraction doesn’t make sense to some people, but for others, anything — even menial labor — is better than cranking out that paper.

There’s nothing wrong with browsing the Internet or doing some much-needed cooking and cleaning. But don’t let yourself get distracted to the point of paper paralysis. Remember, that paper isn’t going to write itself!

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APRIL 29, 2013

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