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We Spy: Lone sink makes its home in Foothill common room

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APRIL 26, 2013

When student Casey Kwok won a functional bathroom sink from an Ikea raffle during Caltopia, she had no other feasible place to put it but in her Foothill suite’s common room. And since it would be a huge hassle to get water pipes into the common room — not to mention there are already four sinks in the suite bathroom — its only current function is to sit there and look pretty as a vanity item in the middle of the suite.

“I haven’t used it yet, and neither did it increase my suite’s popularity,” Kwok said. “However it did raise questions as to why and how there is an extra sink.”

Valid questions, as we at the Clog were also very confused when we stumbled upon this random ad in the Free & For Sale Facebook group last week. At least it’s proving to be a great conversation initiator for them! And crazy enough, Kwok’s RA is completely fine with the extra piece of furniture.

“She doesn’t care,” Kwok said. “As long as my suitemates agree to it.”

Chill RA, zero functionality and still a large amount of time. Whatever will she and her suitemates do with this lonely sink while they wait for someone to give it a permanent home? We have some ideas:

  1. Host tons of parties. While the sink isn’t functional as a water-bearing appliance, it can surely be used as a cutting board and table for a plethora of delicious hors d’oeuvres. You’ll be the talk of Foothill.
  2. Re-enact the Ikea scene from “(500) Days of Summer.” Better yet, invite the Theater Department to stage it for you and make it a big event. Charge for admission. Watch it sell out. Profit! 
  3. Treat the sink as modern art. Find the beauty in the domestic. Photograph it and title it “Sink in Suite, 2013.” Watch as the art collectors trickle in with their checkbooks wide open. Your art careers have begun.

Whether or not they take our advice, the sink is still for sale! If you’re interested in buying this sink-y celebrity, visit their ad. 

Contact Hailey Simpson at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter at @hailey117.

APRIL 26, 2013

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