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Thursday app of the week: Quad

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APRIL 25, 2013

Name: Quad

Platform(s): The Internet, iOS

Price: Free

Mission: Instantly generate a calender with class times, due dates, office hours and more for your Berkeley class schedule.

One of the most common struggles for many students at Cal is getting organized. Entering all your assignments, classes and projects into your calender is way too much trouble and takes up five minutes you just don’t have. A new website called Quad — created by former Cal student Sagar Shah — understands this problem and tries to make getting organized as painless as possible.

Signing up for Quad is straightforward and simple — all you need to provide is what classes you’re taking and your bMail address to verify that you’re a Berkeley student. Quad does the rest of the work from there by generating a calender with all the important information you need to know about your classes.

However Quad, while a fantastic idea, is lacking some of the features you would expect of a fully polished product. Quad is really hit-and-miss with what classes it has full information about. It also often asks you to add things if you see stuff missing or correct mistakes. The idea of crowdsourcing the information on Quad is a cool idea, but it means that you can’t rely on it to always be accurate. It also does not currently sync with iCloud or Google Calender, so you can’t integrate it with the calendar you probably already use.

That being said, Quad has some unique features that make it pop. The website allows you to see who else is in your class, so that you can directly message your classmates as well as share resources through Quad.

Quad is a an awesome proof of concept but is far from a finished product. We definitely recommend exploring it if you have some time on your hands. Hopefully, the developers will continue to work on it before fall classes start because it has the potential to be a product every student would want to use.

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APRIL 23, 2013

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