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Editor's Note: Still seared into memories

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Fire at Telegraph and Haste taken around 1am on November 18, 2011.


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NOVEMBER 19, 2012

The Nov. 18, 2011 fire that destroyed the Sequoia Apartments one year ago did more than just displace dozens of tenants, many of them students on the verge of final exams. Some of those displaced continue to seek restitution from the apartment owners. Others want to move on.

The fire also left a gaping hole on Telegraph Avenue, a street where a trend of store vacancies and perpetually vacant lots has made many question the vitality of the area. One year later, the damage wrought by the fire continues to make itself felt by those who lost homes, jobs and business.

One year later, magnitude of Haste Street blaze dwarfs other fires

After 30 years in the fire industry, Berkeley Fire Marshal John Fitch says last year’s 2441 Haste St. fire was a once-in-a-career event.

Stagnant progress for businesses, tenants of building destroyed by fire

A year after the city’s largest apartment fire in recent memory, much is still uncertain for the former tenants and the Telegraph Avenue commercial district.

The infographic below puts the impact of the Haste Avenue fire in perspective:

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NOVEMBER 19, 2012