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ASUC May 2 senate meeting agenda

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MAY 02, 2012

The ASUC Senate will wrap up the semester at its final meeting Wednesday, with several bills concerning topics that will arise next year.

The senate is expected to vote on stipends for the ASUC Elections Council and the ASUC executive officers, as well as other officials within the student government. Two of the bills that will be introduced Wednesday aim to reform the election process next spring.

The senate heavily questioned the Elections Council April 25 on issues that arose during the election, including misspellings on the ballot. According to Monday senate committee minutes, the financial committee suggests allocating 50 percent of the $1,500 stipend to Elections Council Chair Pamudh Kariyawasam. Other ASUC members received partial or full allocations of their stipends.

One bill on Wednesday’s agenda supports a “more transparent and accessible election process” and resolves that party spending must be monitored, disclosed and capped at $500, according to the bill.

Another bill would require candidates to acknowledge the spending limits — $200 per senate candidate and $1000 per executive candidate — that are mandated in the ASUC Constitution.

Per usual process, the new bills may be sent to senate committees for consideration before heading to the senate as a whole to be voted on.

Chloe Hunt is the lead student government reporter.

MAY 02, 2012

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