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Perfect study breaks during finals week

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DECEMBER 04, 2011

Flowers at the UC Botanical Garden

UC Botanical Garden

A secluded paradise, the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley located on Centennial Drive is simply divine. With over 13,000 different kinds of plants, the garden guarantees a beautiful sight for sore eyes and tranquil silence if meditation is your thing (stressed college students, take note). For those who are deterred by the slightly long trek up, the shuttles arrive at specific stops around campus every half hour to get you there in no sweat. Admission is free for students with Cal identification, so take a break from studying and stop to smell the roses!
—  Weiru Fang
Recreational Sports Facility
You have been in the library for three hours studying the physical structure of angiosperms for the Biology 1A final. Your brain is going numb with mundane scientific details, your legs are beginning to feel cramped from the continuous pressure of immobility — a sign that it’s time to take a break! Why not head over to the Recreational Sports Facility, where you can indulge in some down time by taking a group yoga class or getting a massage? The yoga group exercises can help you to relax and learn some new moves, whenever you decide to drop in. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked out all semester. Now is the best time to start, especially since you can also get food at the Pro Shop Cafe located right inside the gym.
—  Anjuli Sastry
Big C
Attention restoration theory states that higher levels of concentration can be attained after spending time in nature. I tested this theory during a busy time in the semester by taking a hike up to the Big C. I became too preoccupied with avoiding rocks, trekking up slopes and looking at squirrels to agonize over the workload waiting for me back home. The combination of fresh air, stretched legs and sense of accomplishment was too much for my little heart to handle. To top it all off, there was a nice view at the top. On the way down, I began to think about my work again, except this time I was a lot more relaxed. Though it’s cliche to say that walking is a good study distraction, it truly does work.
—  Carlos Monterrey

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DECEMBER 05, 2011