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This Week In Sound: alt rock overload

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2011

This week is gonna be a field day for indie/emo/alternative rock fans everywhere!

Image source: Sweetlyrics.com

Tonight and tomorrow night, Jimmy Eat World will be playing at the Fillmore in San Francisco. They’ll be playing Bleed American in its entirely for both of these nights. Jimmy Eat World are known for these full-album concerts, so fans hoping to hear some of their favorite tracks that don’t always get played live should check out the show.

Image source: Rackcdn.com

In CD release world, Blink-182 release their new album this week. Neighborhoods marks their first new album in eight years. Can they still bring to the table what they had all those years ago?

Image source: Mtnweekly.com

Switchfoot are also releasing a new album this week, Vice Verses. That about rounds it up for all the alternative fans out there. Other genres are also getting the limelight as well.

J. Cole and DJ Shadow are both releasing new albums this week, as well as Wilco and LeAnn Rimes.  With hip-hop, alternative and light rock all getting big releases this week, where do you stand?

Also, LovEvolution, formerly known as LoveFest, was held for the first time this past weekend on the grounds of the Oakland Coliseum. The electro-dance festival is one of the biggest dance festivals in the Bay Area. If you went, how did it go?

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2011